LumiView Portable Binocular Microsc

LumiView Portable Binocular Microsc
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LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope, by Welch Allyn, unique 3-D optics for viewing into small cavities. Simple to use, easy to carry and very affordable.

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LumiView Portable Binocular Microscope, by Welch Allyn, is a breakthrough product with its unique converging stereoscopic viewing system, Specially configured optics literally converge the user’s binocular vision, providing a  three-dimensional view that can be focused into narrow cavities. At the same time, a powerful halogen lamp shines cool light directly on the subject, resulting in a bright, 3D image. Also Its clip-on battery pack, provides more than enough power for a long day’s worth of examinations.


  • Halogen illumination with reflector.
  • Provides brighter, whiter, longer-lasting light.
  • Provides sufficient magnification (1.5x) for most exams and procedures.
  • Insufflation system provides additional magnification when necessary.
  • PD controls adjust to interpupillary distances of between 49 mm to 74 mm.
  • Specially configured optics converge your stereoscopic vision
  • Precision-ground optics are sealed within a durable shell.
  • Two-diopter power
  • Flat surface magnifier provides three diopter (2.5X) magnification
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