HEINE ML4 LED HeadLight with mPack J-008.31.413

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The Heine ML4 LED Headlight with mPack, with Precision HEINE Optics offers high-resolution digital images of every examination

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The HEINE ML4 LED Headlight with mPack combines illumination in LED HQ with optimum wearing comfort. It provides homogeneous illumination with anabsolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the demanding tasks of a busy practiceand the most accurate diagnosis in every examination situation. Individual adjustment options suchas the adjustment of the viewing angle over a wide range and practical features such as the cable-freebattery form a perfectly matched system.

Ultra bright coaxial illumination - Now with LED HQ

  • LED in HQ - the new standard in LED illumination defining optimal light intensity, homogeneity and colour rendering for each individual examination situation.
  • Adjustable illumination spot size: 30 mm to 80 mm spot size range (at 420 mm working distance) to fit any examination situation.
  • Bright and Homogenous Illumination. Absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the perfect illumination in all examination situations.
  • Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes.
  • Flexibility. Flexible Power Source Options: 100 % mobility with a choice of cable-free mPack UNPLUGGED head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.
  • Coaxial Illumination. Coaxial design ensures a completely shadow-free image and allows for excellent illumination of difficult to see areas.
  • Comfortable and secure fit. The ML 4 Professional headband has multiple adjustment points and soft padding for comfort and stability - even during long examinations.

Specifications for the HEINE ML4 LED Headlight:  

  • Illumination Up to 50,000 Lux at a working distance of 250 mm
  • Colour Temperature 4,500 Kelvin
  • LED Operating Life Up to 50,000 hours
  • Spot Adjustment 30 mm to 80 mm at 420 mm working distance
  • Angle of Declination Stepless and individually adjustable for every examination
  • Rheostat Headband-mounted
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