HEINE MD 1000 F.O. Headlight J-003.31.231

HEINE MD 1000 F.O. Headlight J-003.31.231
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Compact and lightweight frontal lighting fiber optic HEINE MD1000, with high-quality optics for homogeneous and brilliant illumination.

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  • Compact, high-tech optics for homogeneous, exceptionally-bright illumination.
  • Ultra-light, highly-flexible fiber optic cable with gown clips, length 3m.
  • Height and angle of illumination adjustable by a single control.
  • Lightweight, flexible Headband Professional L. Adjustable for height and width with detachable soft leather forehead cushion.
  • Adjustable light spot with sterilizable lever.
  • Can be combined with HEINE HR and HRP Binocular Loupes for magnification from 2 x – 6 x.
  • Light sources: HK 7000 F.O. and XENON 1000 F.O. Projector. Adaptors for other manufacturers’ projectors available.
Technical Specification:
  • Illumination: 100,000 Lux with XENON 1000 F.O. Projector, 35,000 Lux with HK 7000 F.O. Projector at a working distance of 250 mm
  • Colour Temperature: 3,300 Kelvin with HK 7000 F.O. and 6000 Kelvin with XENON 1000 F.O. Projector
  • Light Sources: XENON 1000 F.O. or HK 7000 F.O. Projector Spot Adjustment:
  • Adjustable spot size from 20 mm to 70 mm at a distance of 200 mm and 45 mm to 180 mm at a distance of 500 mm
  • Angle of Declination: Individually-adjustable
  • Brightness control: Stepless brightness control on Light Source (HK 7000 F.O. or XENON 1000 F.O.)
Expansion options:
  • The MD 1000 is optionally supplied with HR / HRP Binocular Loupes including i-View loupe mount and S-Guard. The binocular loupe is fully- adjustable for every examiner and for every examination axis.
  • HEINE S-Guard: Rapid and simple symmetric adjustment of binocular loupes with splash protection by protective lenses.
  • HEINE i-View:  Provides any angle of view and flips up the optics independently of the illumination beam.
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