Schulke & Mayr Desderman pure hand sanitizer 1lt

Schulke & Mayr Desderman pure hand sanitizer 1lt
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Alcohol sanitizer Schulke & Mayr Desderman pure in a bottle of 1lt, hypoallergenic action with alcohol, for daily and surgical disinfection of hands and skin

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Schulke & Mayr Desderman® pure hand antiseptic is alcohol-based and is suitable for disinfecting hands daily or before surgery. Meets the standards of clinical effectiveness, it has excellent compatibility with the skin and a pleasant feeling due to the lubricating agents it contains. It is effective against bacteria (including TB bacillus), fungi and viruses.

The Schulke & Mayr Desderman® pure alcohol antiseptic does not contain color and fragrance, making it hypoallergenic and contains 78.2 g of 96% ethanol, 0.1 g of diphenyl-2-ol in 100g of solution.

The Schulke & Mayr Desderman® pure alcohol antiseptic must be used insoluble and in such quantities that the hands remain wet at the time of contact.

Microbiological effectiveness:

  • Hygienic hand disinfection (EN 1500): Rub 3 ml on clean dry hands, contact time: 30 seconds
  • Surgical hand disinfection (EN 12791): Rub a sufficient amount on clean dry hands, contact time 90 seconds
  • MRSA / VRE / ESBL (EN 13727): 30 seconds
  • H1N1 (EN 14476): 30 seconds
  • Envelope viruses (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) (RKI):30 seconds
  • Rota-Virus (EN 14476): 30 seconds
  • Poliovirus (EN14476): 60 seconds


  • Alcohol hand antiseptic Desderman® pure 
  • No dissolution needed
  • Suitable for hand disinfection daily or before surgery
  • Compatible with skin types
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pleasant feeling
  • Density: 0,83g/cm3
  • Liquid form
  • Colorless
  • Bottle of 1lt

1 kg

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