ECOLAB Skinman Soft Protect 500ml

ECOLAB Skinman Soft Protect 500ml
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Skinman® Soft Protect surgical hand rub has a unique skin-friendly formulation containing Vitamin E, Glycerine and Panthenol

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ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protect surgical hand rub is a liquid preparation for hygienic hand disinfection dedicated for use in healthcare facilities. The biocidal preparation is recommended for frequent use. It is virucidal, bactericidal and mycobactericidal.

ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protect alcohol-based hand rub has a unique, skin-friendly formulation which provides an effective combination of immediate and long-lasting protection. Shorter contact time compared with traditional scrubs providing numerous efficiencies to the operating theatre. Superior antimicrobial efficacy providing an immediate and sustained effect.

With ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protectyou have surgical hand disinfection in 90 seconds according to EN 12791 long-lasting protection. ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protect has been carefully developed with ingredients for excellent skin compatibility. 

ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protect includes protecting Vitamin E, nourishing Glycerine and regenerating Panthenol.

Making ECOLAB Skinman® Soft Protect an ideal skin-friendly surgical hand disinfectant, particularly for theatre staff who have experienced compatibility issues with the active ingredients found in alternative preparations.

Comprehensive Efficacy Testing

Test Type ProcedureContact Time
Surgical Hand Disinfection

 According to EN 12791

90 secs

Hygienic Hand Rub

 According to EN 1500

20 secs

Bactericidal Efficacy

 According to EN 13727

15 secs

Murine Norovirus

 According to EN 14476

15 secs


 According to EN 14476

15 secs

Full Virucidal Efficacy

 According to EN 14476

30 secs

Yeasticidal Efficacy

 According to EN 13624

15 secs

Tuberculocidal Efficacy

 According to EN 14348

20 secs


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