BODE Cutasept F Skin Antiseptic 250ml

Cutasept F skin antiseptic
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Skin antiseptic for hospitals and primary health care, suitable for injections, blood samplings, punctures, small surgical procedures and catheterizations.

BODE Cutasept F is ideal for skin antisepsis in primary health care and in and outpatient care; BODE Cutasept F is also suitable for use before injections, blood samplings, punctures, small surgical procedures and catheterizations as well as in case of accidental and minor injuries. For pre- and post-operative skin antisepsis in the surgical area.

The antiseptic BODE Cutasept F is ideal for sterilizing skin before or after surgery, before we grant injection or before we bleed. BODE Cutasept F is colorless, fast containing 2-propanol 63,0gr and chloride venzalkoliou 0,025gr per 100gr. BODE Cutasept F provides antiseptic and disinfecting the skin by applying a skin area with limited Sebaceous glands. At least 15 seconds before venipuncture and at least 1 minute before punctures joints should be applied, natural cavities, hollow organs and before surgical procedures. In skin area with many Sebaceous glands should be applied at least 10 minutes prior to all procedures. The antiseptic / disinfectant BODE Cutasept F is available in a plastic pot of 250ml with integrated mechanical spray pump.
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