CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip (Set of 2)

CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip
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CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip in pair, available in 5 strengths.

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CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip is a fixed resistance hand grip designed to strengthen hands, wrists and forearms.Weight equals the amount of force needed to fully compress the fixed CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip handles. The resistance sequence on these ergonomic grips covers any needs from the earliest stages of rehabilitation after stroke to advanced athletic training. The force equivalent doubles with each level of the CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip so you can work your way up. Handles are smoothly contoured for sure squeeze. Tension springs are plated for durability and long life.

CanDo® Ergonomic Hand Grip is available in five colour categories:

  • Yellow/Extra Easy - 3lbs
  • Red/Easy - 6lbs
  • Green/Medium - 12lbs
  • Blue/Hard - 24lbs
  • Black/Extra Hard - 48lbs

Delivered in pairs of 2.

1 kg