Gynecologist chair Gynex Pro

Gynecologist chair Gynex Pro
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Gynex Professional chair (developed from a guaranteed reliability) can synthesize functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics. It can satisfy all patient and user needs li

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Gynex professional gyn chair is provided with versatile accessories: back paper-roll dispenser, metal tub, chromed handles, leg-supports (optional fold-out covering).

Technologic evolution has introduced, in comparison with the standard base model, 2 more motors and electric movements of the back-rest and leg-rest, which make the gynaicologist chair more modern and professional.

Thanks to the combined movement of backrest and seat by means of self-balancing system (operated by 2 silent low tension actuators of 1000 N each one ), Gynex Professional is suitable for any physique, granting maximum comfort to the patient.

The padded and pelted arm-rests allow a relaxing and protecting sitting position and they are singularly revolving and removable. The backrest is provided with removable and regulating head-rest in height.

The wide and soft leg-rest has independent adjustment movement through 2 silent low tension actuators (1000 N each one). This gynecological chair is moved by a silent low tension actuator, which allows a vertical excursion of 40 cm, starting from zero position.

The electrical drives are controlled by a double foot control, connected to the gyn chair by a cable and by a comfortable and ergonomic switch control. GYNEX Professional through as a professional gynecological chair, can be easily transformed in examination bed (completely horizontal position).

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