Gynecologist chair CHR007

Gynecologist chair CHR007
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Electric gynecological chair with variable height and adjustable backrest and footrest. It features removable armrests and footrests and a stainless bowl.

€1,951.22 (tax incl.) €1,951.22 (tax excl.)
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This gynecological chair (or gynecological Boom) has a modern design that enables perfect fit in any gynecologic office.
It's quality construction by steel frame with electrostatic painting guarantees reliability and durability. You can adjust the backrest and the footrest to any position you want.
The gynecological chair with removable armrests and footrests and stainless bowl. The height can be easily adjusted by an electric motor.

It has length at 1,92 m, Width 0.69m and height 0,53 m - 0,92 m.

80 kg