Spencer Emergency bag

Spencer Emergency bag
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Lightweight emergency bag by Spencer. Eliminating the superfluous for handiness and functionality.

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Spencer concentrated on the functionality of the product: a lightweight emergency bag, easy to handle and easy to clean. Eliminating the superfluous, all you have left is the handiness of the product and the convenience of its price.

Made of nylon, it has a central compartment where you will find on the inside a premodelled and semi-rigid compartment with three dividers to store a small oxygen tank and other resuscitation devices.

The closure of the top flap is fast and safe thanks to the Velcro strap all around the front border. There are also two side pockets with zipper. The Emergency stands out for the global character of its range: it is available in fact in different languages.
Its' dimensions are 525 x 215 x h230 mm [20.66 x 8.46 x h9.05 in]. With weight empty at about 700 g [1.54 lbs] and weight complete at 6 kg [13.2 lbs]. Its' capacity is 26 Lt.
21.50 cm
23 cm
52.50 cm
0.70 kg
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First aid bag
Life Bag 1 - Spencer

Life Bag 1 - Spencer | Technical sheet

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