Emerair's first aid bag EB02.006

Emerair's first aid bag
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Emerair's first aid bag, Elite Bags EB02.006, is an emergency bag that allows the transportation of the necessary respiratory tools.

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Emerair's first aid bag, Elite Bags EB02.006, is a large capacity emergency bag and access to the necessary tools in case of emergency situations with respiratory problems. Also, this product has back bands, waist bands and handles.

This first aid bag is equipped with big reflective pullers for easy opening and night/ day reflective bands, interior flap with 8 elastic bands to fasten different materials and washer to extract the oxygen tube. This emergency bag has bands of rubber around the outside to protect and support the bag when placed down either horizontically or vertically, ergonomic padded back panel and large transparent pocket.

Emerair's first aid bag features 4 detachable, color-coded compartments with transparent windows according to the normalized color code, space for resuscitation device and mask, space for the oxygen bottle with velcro and an isothermal ampoule holder with capacity of 66 ampoules.

Emerair's first aid bag, Elite Bags EB02.006, is an emergency bag for Advanced Life Support that opens like a clam shell allowing the user to visualize all contents at a glance. This emergency bag is ideal to quickly access the necessary equipment for working in different emergency scenarios. It has space for oxygen therapy and airway control equipment.

The external dimensions of this first aid bag are 24 × 30 × 50 cm, its capacity is 35.25 L, weighs 4.400 kg and the maximum recommended contents weight is 15 kg. It is made of washable 1000 x 1000 D Polyamide, in red color.

The internal instruments are not included.

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