Finger Pulse Oximeter GO2 LED

Finger Pulse Oximeter GO2 LED
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The Nonin GO2 LED Fingertip Pulse oximeter accurately measures your oxygen saturation and heart rate during exercise.

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The GO2 LED Pulse Oximeter displays numbers in red on a dark-colored background for ultimate contrast and easy viewing in all light conditions (the display is similar to most alarm clocks).
The GO2 LED Pulse Oximeter is uniquely designed to rest comfortably across multiple fingers. With 3.0” length, 2.2” width and it's 1.125” thick. In Sapphire Blue, Jade Green, Sunstone Orange (available colors).

Nonin GO2 LED features accurately monitors oxygen saturation, with pulse quality indicator. Has a bright red LED screen for easy viewing in all light settings. It operates with one AAA battery at approximately 24 hours (2,400 spot checks). With drop tested durability and water ingress protection. With finger size range 0.3" to 3.0" and 2-year warranty.
It is made in the USA.
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