Waterproof Premium exam table paper 50cm x 50m

Αδιάβροχο εξεταστικό ρολό χαρτί Premium Standrard 50cm x 50cm
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Waterproof exam table paper available in dimensions 50cm x 50m, per piece or in a pack of 12.

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The waterproof exam table paper is a plasticized roll with glue, 100% pure chemical felt, waterproof, absorbent and high strength, with a 38cm perforator for easy cutting. The sheet plastic through high density and structure ensures the waterproofing of the roll so that the fluids that may occur during the medical examination do not soften the medical bed.

The waterproof exam table paper has a paper sheet that ensures satisfactory fluid absorption and also offers a sense of comfort and cleanliness to the patient under examination. The waterproof exam table paper is ideal for medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, aesthetic centers etc.

The dimensions of the waterproof exam table paper are 50cm x 50m. It is ideal for medical, dental, beauty and cleaning industry.

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