Riester Ri-magic examination LED light Table stand

Riester ri-magic examination light
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Examination light Ri-magic by Riester, with focusable LED illumination for faster and easier diagnosis. Ideal for examinations and smaller procedures.

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Riester Ri-magic examination light originate on the basis of the most modern lighting technology and under continuous quality control. Properly designed to withstand the challenges of everyday medical practise in every way and perfectly support diagnosis and treatment.

The flexible examination light Ri-magic is suitable to illuminate the examination and operating area in the best possible way. It has white focusable LED illumination, clearly distinguishable color nuances and stark contrast, for faster and easier diagnosis. LED lighting offers cold light vs. the heat emission of halogen and xenon bulbs.

Riester Ri-magic examination light is available as a desk, wall or floor model. The desk models can be quickly and easily mounted using the universal clamp.

It is equipped with the most modern LED technology with 228 lumen, similar to daylight. Riester Ri-magic examination light is ideal for examinations and smaller procedures. The lifetime of the lamp is up to 50,000 hours, with replacements that is no longer necessary with significantly less heating and energy loss.

The focusing device at the front of the light head allows exact adjustment of the size of the illuminated examination area. It is highly flexible, with a long special arm that can be bent in all directions and the light remains fixed in the chosen position. Riester Ri-magic examination light has a simple to use handle with rheostat for infinitely variable regulation of light intensity. It features power cord with wide range of 230V/120V and are available with plugs to suit the electrical outlets in your country upon request.

The weight of the desk model is 2.5 kg.

3 kg
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