Minston KS-Q6 examination medical light with wheeled stand

Minston KS-Q6 examination medical light with wheeled stand
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Minston KS-Q6 examination medical light with wheeled stand & 6 LED heads with brightness adjustment control by dimmer.

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Minston KS-Q6 examination medical light with a wheeled stand which is ideal for examination and minor surgeries in the office. It has 6 LED heads that produce natural light that does not alter the color of the tissues and facilitates diagnosis. The test arm of the Minston KS-Q6 (76cm) LED lighting is made of extremely flexible material, it can take any position without relaxing after use. You can adjust the intensity of the LED lighting as it has a dimmer switch. It does not emit heat during operation because it is equipped with IR-free technology.


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LED medical examination lamp KS-Q6W wall mounted 40,000LUX

Featuring 6 LEDs, KS-Q6 provides a brighter, whiter light than ever before and is perfect for minor surgical procedures in hospitals, ambulatory care centers, outpatient facilities, or physician's offices.

  • Illumination Intensity: 40,000lux (D30cm)
  • Light field diameter: 12cm from a 30cm distance
  • Colour temperature: 6000-6500K
  • Colour rendering index(Ra): 75
  • Temperature rising: 0°
  • LED average life: above 40000 hours
  • Power input: 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Kind of extension: 76cm gooseneck
  • Control function: Brightness control by dimmer
  • Available in black or white color
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