Weelko Caln pedicure spa chair

Weelko Caln pedicure spa chair
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Pedicure spa chair Caln made by Weelko in modern and elegant design, equipped with massage system and MP3 music player with USB and SD card slot.          

€2,597.56 (tax incl.) €2,597.56 (tax excl.)
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Pedicure spa chair Caln by Weelko is especially comfortable and stylish. It is equipped with two motors that control the inclination of the backrest & the back and forth stroke of the seat. It has pivoting arms to give easy access to the chair.

It offers massage applicable to the seat and controlled by the hand controller. The air pressure is adjustable. Weelko Caln pedicure spa chair consists of a wheeled mechanism placed inside the backrest. It is adapted in width and height and applies a dorsal massage, from the cervical area to the lumbar one. It counts on different kinds of massage: SHIATSU, KNEADING, FLAPPING, K. KNOCKING and K. FLAPPING.

Weelko Caln pedicure spa chair has a Whirlpool foot-spa basin with shower and LED lights. It includes a hand controller to select the kind of massage. Each massage has 7 different positions in height from the lowest part of the back to the highest one.

To make more pleasant the time you spent in the pedicure spa chair manufacturer placed MP3 music player with USB and SD card slot.

The warmth of the wood, the gentle touch of the upholstery and the width of the chair make them key elements to create minimalist environments of calm and well-being. It is ideal for spa and beauty salons.

Consists of high quality upholstery PU in white colour. 

Pedicure spa chair is prepared in two packages of the following dimensions:
Base      : 147 x 85 x 53 cm
Armchair: 120 x 77 x 62 cm   

130 kg
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125 kg
13 L
130 cm
150 cm
85 cm
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