Monopolar electrosurgery SURTRON 80D

Monopolar electrosurgery SURTRON 80D
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Radiofrequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor monopolar surgery

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SURTRON® 80D is a radiofrequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor monopolar surgery.

SURTRON® 80D has a multi-function selector which makes cutting (CUT), cut coagulation (BLEND), coagulation (COAG) and micro-coagulation (MICRO) possible. The one-board microcontroller and digital display guarantees consistent safety and reliability under any conditions.

SURTRON® 80D offers outstanding professional surgical results due to its ergonomic and superior safety features.

Maximum cutting capacity is at 80W - 400O , the maximum cutting power / cauterizing : 60W - 400O , while the maximum cautery power : 50W - 400O. Moreover the maximum power micro- cautery is to 20W - 600O.

With visual indicator (green LED) specifies the type of use of SURTRON® 80D and the operating current is 50-60Hz / 220. The package includes a unipolar handpiece , 1 set of 10 different types of electrodes , grounding , grounding cord , footswitch and finally the power cable of up to 2m.

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