Waterpik ST-01 electric toothbrush

Waterpik ST-01 electric toothbrush
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The Waterpik® ST-01 electric toothbrush with LED rechargeable battery indicator removes tooth stains compatible with Waterpik® WP-861 gum massage system.

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Triple Sonic Waterpik® ST-01 toothbrush benefits:

  • Removes Stains: Clinically proven to remove 9x as much stain as a regular toothbrush
  • Advanced Brush head Design with built-in tongue scraper on brush head
  • Deluxe Recharge Indicator Display that provides at-a-glance charge status

3 Sonic Modes:

  • Clean Mode for outstanding everyday cleaning performance
  • Whiten mode to gently remove surface stains and naturally whiten teeth
  • Massage mode for enhanced gum stimulation and circulation

Waterpik® ST-01 toothbrush features:

  • 2 Triple Sonic brush heads included
  • 2-Minute timer with 30-Second quadrant pacer
  • 3 sonic modes
  • Premium toothbrush travel case
  • Deluxe Recharge Indicator Display
  • Type: Sonic
  • Water Resistant Toothbrush: Yes
  • Strokes Per Minute: 31000

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