Laerdal Little Anne QCPR manikin

Laerdal Little Anne CPR manikin
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The Laerdal Little Anne manikin has been developed to provide effective adult QCPR training without compromising realism or quality.

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Laerdal QCPR Little Anne manikin offers realistic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (carp) exercises training. Top-quality construction for realistic simulation of chest compressions and mouth expansions.

The Little Anne QCPR manikin has a realistic rise and fall of the chest, during the application of the inhalations, it increases the quality of the practice while the airway opens only when the head is tilted backwards with a jaw lift or a lower jaw lift. The body of the Little Anne QCPR manikin includes a special pressure spring for better resistance to chest compressions, while the realistic anatomy helps to immediately find the point of application of chest compressions. In addition, it has a characteristic sound that confirms every correct compression that is done. The skin of the Little Anne QCPR model is made of durable material that does not stain and can even be used with automatic defibrillator electrodes without damage.

The Little Anne QCPR model is prefabricated, easy to carry and the carrying case can be used as a carpet to place the model.

The Little Anne QCPR manikin platform is wirelessly connected to the free application "Little Anne QCPR Instructor" for trainers and trainees as it offers real-time data on depth, release, chest compression rate, and mouthpiece success. The trainer can connect wirelessly to six training platforms simultaneously through the free "Little Anne QCPR Instructor" application on either Android or iOS. The trainee can use the free application "Little Anne QCPR learner" for mobiles and tablets for iOS & Android systems to connect wirelessly to his training platform and monitor his own performance at any time.

The applications of the Little Anne QCPR manikin show if the correct depth and full release have been achieved in each compression, if the compression rate is required and if the blows administered by the trainee achieve the correct result. The performances of each trainee are stored in the memory of the applications.


  • Made of durable material, does not stain
  • Pressure spring for better resistance
  • Typical compression confirmation sound
  • QCPR offers real-time information through free applications
  • Indications for the correct depth and complete release of any chest compression
  • Indication of the correct rate of chest compressions
  • Indication for the administration of the right volume of air during blowing
  • The trainer application is connected to six training templates simultaneously
  • Summary of results after each session
  • The results remain in the application memory
  • The construction of the oral and nasal passages allows realistic training in the technique of opening the airway
  • Realistic head extension and lower jaw traction allow students to properly perform all the necessary maneuvers required to resuscitate a real victim.
  • Breast augmentation is realistic when the mouth blows are performed correctly and if the airways are properly blocked.
  • Proper body anatomy and realistic sternum allow the student to understand the recognition of all anatomical markers associated with adult rejuvenation
  • Realistic chest compression resistance allows students to experience the pressure required to properly perform chest compressions in real conditions
  • Audio feedback enhances the understanding of the right compression depth
  • Air ducts are easily replaced and at minimal cost to ensure the health and safety of trainees

Little Anne QCPR contains:

  • Adult model Little Anne QCPR
  • A soft carrying bag that is also used as a training base
  • Two (2) spare faces
  • Two (2) air duct spare parts
  • Six (6) disinfectant cleaning wipes
  • One (1) model cardigan
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