Educational anatomy models

Educational anatomy models are excellent models of medical examination and practice. Students need to understand the subtle mechanism of the human body and learn how to deal with various situations that may arise. The educational anatomy models help students learn about the human body without the need for invasive procedures or research on humans alone.

Educational anatomy models cover a significant part of the needs of doctors, physical therapists, students, nursing & biology, as well as educational medical institutions of health sciences and medical centers. In addition, training programs can be used to deal with emergencies and accidents, such as cardiac arrest or respiratory failure. CPR simulators or CPR mannequins help train for such situations.

CPR mannequins feature realistic anatomical landmarks such as carotid pulse, sternum, chest, and sub-sternal notch. Also, there are CPR simulators of adult or pediatric size so that appropriate interactive training can be done by people learning first aid and cardiorespiratory resuscitation (CPR). CPR simulators feature correct chest elevation and correct body anatomy allowing the learner to understand the recognition of all anatomical markers relevant to adult and child resuscitation.

Also, the medical simulators include birthing simulator models, for use by gynecologists and midwives. Also, there are training anatomy models for the use of an intravenous needle, injection, suturing, etc. It allows doctors and nurses to develop their skills and prepare for difficult situations they may encounter in their professional lives.

In medi-shop, you can find a wide variety of educational anatomy models, such as CPR training manikins (or CPR  simulators ), childbirth simulator models, blood pressure training models, skin suture models, etc.