Smart ECG Viewer PC Software

Smart ECG Viewer PC Software
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Edan Instruments PC Software for ECG records and patients management! Compatible with all EDAN ECGs

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The Smart ECG Viewer is a set of PC-based data management software, which allows you to manage all the ECG reports in one LAN network. It provides a paperless workflow and an intuitive interface to improve your work efficiency.

Smart ECG-Viewer Data Management Software realizes great functions, including receiving and importing ECG data, managing patient information, displaying and measuring and comparing ECG average template and rhythm data, displaying and editing auto measurement parameter and auto diagnosis result, printing ECG wave and report, creating PDF file and so on.

Consequently, the time spent on reading curve can be shortened, and the doctor's workload can be reduced greatly. Besides, the system manages the ECG data with database, and supports the relative history data searching and reviewing when necessary, which can assist the doctor to give decision.

Software Features:

  • Support recieving ECG data through serial port or net port
  • Support importing single data or data folder from hard disk of PC
  • Support receiving ECG data from 10 ECGs max simultaneously through net port
  • Great capability of database for data storage and management. Permanent storage for ECG data, patient information, auto measurement parameter and diagnosis resutls etc; more thanhan 100 thousand case records can be stored
  • Support searching patient information through patient ID, Name, Patient Number and Time etc.
  • Support Browsing 10s ECG wave; support viewing and measuring ECG mean and rhythm data with electronic ruler; support displaying auto measurement result and diagnosis result
  • Support 60s wave review in Rhythm1 mode or 20s wave review in Rhythm3 mode
  • Support that one patient has many case records; support multi-cases comparing browse
  • Support preview and print, rich display and print formats which can be configured by the user
  • Support creating ECG wave and other information into PDF format file
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