ECG Delta 1 plus

ECG Delta 1 plus
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Delta 1 Plus Base Version is a digital and portable electrocardiograph for the simultaneous acquisition of the 12 ECG leads.

This ECG / EKG machine can detect heart problems in an individual by measuring their heart's electrical activity and checking it for irregularities. While highly useful, these machines can be expensive, especially when purchasing multiple machines at a time. For this reason, many medical practitioners find themselves turning to used medical equipment to fulfill their EKG needs. Used medical equipment, as long as it has been properly serviced, has proven to be just as effective in diagnosing illnesses as new medical equipment.

The electrocardiograph Delta 1 Plus offers a variety of features that make it a top piece of medical equipment. Its thermal printer will print high resolution readings in either a single or three channel format, while its built in power supply comes with a rechargeable battery. It is also lightweight and simple to use. Once the patient has been hooked up to a Cardioline Delta 1 Plus, all you have to do is hit the Start button, and the machine immediately begin monitoring the patient's heart rate.


* Built-in AC/DC power supply.
* Rechargeable battery pack (1 hour operation capability).
* High definition thermal printer (8 dots/mm).
* Printed on 60 mm wide thermal paper (roll or z-fold).
* LCD screen for the display of all the essential recording parameters.
* Printouts can be carried out both real time or off-line.
* Includes all recording parameters and the heart rate.

Approval: Worldwide

Dimensions: 313 x 239 x 61 mm
Type of ECG: Digital Electrocardiograph
Channel    : 1 or 3 channels
Weight (kg): 2.8 Kg
ECG Acquisition / ECG interpretation: 12 Lead simultaneous and continuous
Sampling Rate: Inquire
Frequency Response (Hz): Inquire
Display Type : LCD graphical monitor
Display Resolution : Inquire
Printer Technology : High definition thermal printer (8 dots/mm)
Printer Resolution : High 8 dot/mm head
Paper Type : 60 mm wide thermal paper (roll or z-fold),
ECG Storage : Inquire
Power / Battery : AC/DC power supply and rechargeable battery pack
Network Interface : RS-232 serial interface

33 cm
25 cm
65 cm
3 kg
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