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Cardioline ar600View is a 3channel portable electrocardiograph (ECG) with reliability, modularity, versatility and expandability

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Cardioline ar600view is an electrocardiograph with a dual power supply system (through mains or internal rechargeable battery pack) and in its base version it:

  • registers ECG in automatic, manual and auto-timer mode
  • Cardioline ar600view visualises the real-time ECG signal on its graphic display in the formats 3 and 3+3 channels
  • prints the ECG signal in high resolution on 60mm-paper with its thermal printer in various formats: 1, 2, 2+R, 3 and 6 channels
  • Cardioline ar600view memorises the last automatic ECG for later printout of copies
  • organises tests by date/time and includes a keyboard for entering patient as well as user data
  • Cardioline ar600view calculates ECG parameters automatically
  • archives tests on a PC with ECG management software ECG cubeecg
  • transmits ECG data in real-time to a PC with ECG management software ECG cubeecg.

Cardioline ar600viewis a digital electrocardiograph that simultaneously records and digitalises the 12 ECG channels and prints them on an integrated thermal printer.
Cardioline ar600viewis designed for monitoring the cardiac functions and/or diagnosing the health status of the patient.
The proper use of the product is in a medical environment. Cardioline ar600viewshould only be used by qualified and suitable trained personnel and must comply with the instructions in the user manual.

Autonomy : internal battery : 3 hours in 1 channel mode.
Dimensions : 250 x 60 x185 mm
Weight : 1,000gr without paper
Classification : 93/42CE, class IIa, CE0476.
Keyboard : Soft touch with 15 functions keys.
Display : visualisation of 12 ECG channels, functional parameter,...
Delivered in carrying bag and complete delivered with all accessories (electrodes, gel, battery charger...).
Option : program for automatic parameter calculation and interpretation of the ECG signal.
Roll 60 x 75 mm - 15mt. (200sh.) (per 10 pcs).
Z-fold paper 60 x 75 mm - 18mt. (250sh.) (per 10 pcs).

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Additional Information
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Cardioline ar600view BT

Cardioline ar600view BT

Cardioline ar600View is a 3channel portable electrocardiograph (ECG) with reliability, modularity, versatility and expandability

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