Propulse NG ear wash system

Propulse NG ear wash system
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Patented Propulse NG ear wash system with unique features that create an irrigation system that is safe, convenient and patient friendly.

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Propulse NG ear wash system is both portable and rechargeable making it ideal for domiciliary visits or in areas with a questionable electricity supply.

Its variable pressure delivery system provides a pulsed water jet, which is easily controlled.

The electronic ear wash system is now supplied with the all new, patented Quick Release Handle and QrX™ Single-Use Tips.

The QrX™ system locks the tip into place during use, making this the most operator- friendly Propulse to date !

The operation of the Propulse NG ear wash system is controlled by the convenient footswitch, allowing the machine to be operated hands free.

The flow of water can be stopped by fully depressing the water jet stop button - water flow resumes when it is released.

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