Virus specimen collection and transport kit CITOSWAB®

Virus collection and transport kits (50 pcs)
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Virus specimen collection and transport kit suitable for collecting and transporting virus samples, ideal for nasopharyngeal sampling.

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Virus specimen collection and transport kits CITOSWAB® in a package that contains 1 sterile and disposable plastic swab of FLOCKED technology and tube cap with VTM liquid suitable for transporting clinical virus samples.

Each sample collection swab is flexible, with a synthetic plug, and is suitable for sampling from the nasopharynx. The sterile swab is composed of a snappable plastic stick and viscose applicator at a suitable height to fit into the VTM liquid transfer tube and remain stable during transportation.

The VTM liquid is suitable for viruses, has antimicrobial agents that minimize contamination by other bacteria or fungi, and is contained in a conical specimen tube with a total capacity of 5ml (with 3ml VTM).

The package also contains a transparent bag for transporting Biohazard samples to ensure safe and reliable transport.

Details of virus specimen collection and transport kits CITOSWAB®:

  • The flexible swab that breaks easily without the use of a cutting tool
  • 5ml capacity tube with 3ml VTM liquid
  • With screw cap
  • With data label
  • Store at temperatures of 10-25°C
  • Does not require refrigerated storage until use
  • Available in a package of 1 kit
  • Suitable for taking SARS-CoV-2 samples (Covid-19)

How to use virus specimen collection and transport kit CITOSWAB®:

  • Peel off the swab pouch and collect the sample
  • Put the swab into the tube with VTM liquid
  • Snap the stick of the swab
  • Screw the tube cap tightly
  • Label the specimen information
  • Place the tube into the Biohazard bag

Once the sample is collected, it should be placed immediately in the transportation tube and submitted to the laboratory as soon as possible. Although VTM liquid can maintain organisms for long periods of time at room temperature, it is recommended that specimens be frigerated to 2-8°C or kept on wet ice while in transit. If there will be a long delay before processing, specimens should be frozen at -70°C.

With EN ISO15223-1:201; EN 1041:2008, EN ISO14971: 2012 certifications, and CE marking.

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