Surgical skin markers double tip 33179 (10 pcs)

Surgical skin markers 33179
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Surgical skin markers 33179, in a package of ten (10) pieces, for medical use with 2 tips, non-sterile.

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Surgical skin markers 33179 with 2 different tips, made of polypropylene (including the lid) with a polyester fiber tip and are non-sterile. It is used for marking the patient's skin, but also for educational purposes or applications.

  • Can be easily removed with soap and water
  • It has a length of 138cm x 12.5 mm
  • It has a thin tip for use on self-adhesive labels, infusion bags
  • A normal tip, for use on the patient's skin

The product is applied to clean skin to avoid side effects and infections from bacteria.

Available in a package of 10 pieces.

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