BSN Delta-Dry® water resistant cast 5cm x 2.4m

Βαμβάκι έσω γύψου DELTA-DRY BSN
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Delta-Dry® water resistant cast padding, as a substrate of natural and synthetic gypsum, made in Germany by BSN. Available per piece in 5cm x 2.4m dimensions.

€6.46 (tax incl.) €6.46 (tax excl.)
block Ships in 4-10 days

BSN Delta-Dry®’s unique patented technology outperforms other water resistant cast padding, making Delta-Dry® the best choice for medical professionals and a more convenient solution for their patients over traditional cast padding.

BSN Delta-Dry® is the Solution That Fits Your Life.

Less disruption in lifestyle.
Allows patients to shower, bathe and swim like normal

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use

Available per piece in dimensions 5cm x 2.4m.

0.80 kg

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