Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system

Airocide GCS25 Air purifier system
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Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system for use in any area 85m3 & purifies the air with 34 m3/h flow.

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The Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system is a technology advanced by NASA.  It uses a reaction chamber filled with tiny catalysts and UV lamps that, when stimulated by their highly reactive surface, break down a water molecule and form a hydroxyl root bound to the surface.

As a result, any microorganism that comes in contact with the Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system is immediately oxidized. It not only drastically eliminates ethylene gas but has also been clinically proven to eradicate volatile organic compounds (IOCs), viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, wholemeal dust, and carbon.

The Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system is widely used in homes, properties, businesses, food warehouses, and healthcare facilities. It is also included in the FDA Class II (Food and Drugs Administration) as a Class B medical machine.

The Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system is an industrial solution for fresh air even in the most demanding environment. It can be used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, diagnostic centers, private clinics, patient waiting rooms, Emergency Departments (ICUs), etc. where the air is required to be as free as possible from pathogenic microorganisms.

It is well known that in areas of a hospital such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), surgeries, transplant units, hematology departments, etc. there are special requirements for fresh air free of germs. And this is achieved with the technology of the Airocide system that reduces the microbial load of air (bacteria, viruses, fungi).

In addition, the sterilization of the air of a place is also needed for Wineries (Keeps the winery without mold without using chemicals), Vegetable, fruit, and flower warehouses (Keeps ethylene gas to a minimum that accelerates maturation) and Gyms (Neutralizes organic matter and reduces unpleasant odors).

Airocide GCS-25 details:

  • Air purification capacity: 34m3/h
  • Length: 465mm
  • Width: 525mm
  • Depth: 115mm
  • Weight: 8.34 kg
  • Noise: 42dB
  • Voltage: 100 - 240V AC
  • Current: 1.0 A.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Watts: 73 W
  • Color: White
  • Maximum room square meters: 85m3
  • Outside material: Thermomorphic plastic

Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system Operation:

All versions of the Airocide UVC Air purifier systems operate on a photocatalytic basis, without the use of filters, so they do not need to be replaced.

Its function is to irradiate with UV light the surface coated with a catalyst of titanium dioxide, which stimulates the water vapor molecules in the air and decomposes into OH and H+ ions. These highly active ions oxidize all organic matter in their environment. All this happens in the reaction chamber of the device so that the free radicals do not endanger the people around the device, in a completely closed space.

The  Airocide GCS-25 UVC Air purifier system sterilizes per hour: 34m3/h

9 kg

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