Schulke & Mayr SM2 Universal 500ml/1lt dispenser

Schulke & Mayr SM2 Universal 500ml/1lt dispenser
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The Schulke & Mayr SM2 Universal 500ml/1lt Dispenser is suitable for bottles of 500ml/1lt hand sanitizers and washing lotions.

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The Schulke & Mayr SM2 Universal dispenser accepts disinfectant liquid 500ml / 1lt and is suitable for applying hand disinfectant, washing and treatment lotion.

The SM2 Universal wall dispenser provides the exact required amounts of liquid (1ml-3ml) per press of the pump so that you disinfect your hands all over the surface. The pump system and the discharge valve are designed so that depending on the material of the liquid you have installed, the SM 2 Universal wall dispenser drops the appropriate amount.

In fact, the construction material of the SM2 Universal 500ml/1lt wall dispenser seals it, eliminating the possibility of leaks, evaporation and contamination of the device's disinfectant.

If you want to change the liquid inside the SM2 Universal dispenser, you must replace the installed product bottle and rinse the detachable pumping system.


  • Dose adjustable (1, 2 or 3 ml)
  • Liquid contents are not exposed or evaporated
  • There are no losses
  • Easy to clean as the dispenser and pump can be completely disassembled
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal pump size for use with elbow (for safety reasons)
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