AND HL-200i digital scale

AND HL-200i digital scale
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Digital compact scale HL-200i suitable for weighing applications at work, school, home or anywhere.

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The electronic accurate scale AND HL-200i, is proposed for multiple uses after weighing up to 200 grams. Suitable for medical centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. Operates with batteries duration of 800 hours.

Has an automatic circuit, which automatically turns off the scale when not in use. Has auto zero button and tare. Waterproof keyboard for protection from liquids, powders, etc. The screen is a type of liquid crystal (LCD).

The precision scale AND HL-200i can weigh in pounds, weigh in pounds and weigh in ounces. The scale has auto circuit that automatically shuts off the yoke when not in use.

It has automatic reset button and tare. Waterproof keyboard for protection from liquids, powders etc . The display is a liquid crystal (LCD). The tendency of the scale AND HL-200i has pan dimensions of 136 x 136 mm. And accepts transformer 220V AC / 9V DC. Portable SCALE AND HL-200i is capable of weighing 200 grams and grading 0.1 grams.

13 cm
5 cm
19 cm
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Maximum weight
200 g
0.01 g