Gymna Thermo 500

Gymna Thermo 500
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Gymna Thermo 500, pulsed short wave therapy for athermal and thermal.Much better performance for deep-penetrating, short-wave therapy.

The Gymna Thermo 500 transmits a pulsed, high-frequency electro-therapy signal,with a maximum of no less than 70 Watts (1 channel) or 40 Watts per electrode (2 channels).

The Gymna Thermo 500 is equipped with an intelligent control system (ICS). When the contact with a Thermoplode becomes insufficient as a result of a movement of the patient, the engine protects itself for overheating.

The radiated power will decrease in proportion with a decreased contact with the skin.

Standard equipment: 
  • Electrode-arm
  • Thermoplode Ø 14 cm 
  • Coax cable for Thermoplode
Optional accessories:
  • Electrode arm for Gymna Thermo 500 (2nd arm if desired).
  • Thermoplode - ø 140 mm, for Gymna Thermo 500, excl. cable.
  • Thermoplode - ø 80 mm, for Gymna Thermo 500, excl. cable.
  • Cable for Thermoplode 
Specially for High frequency therapy: 
  • Treatment couch, wood 
  • Stool, wood 
  • Treatment chair, wood
43 kg