HEINE mini 3000 combined diagnostic

HEINE mini 3000 combined diagnostic
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Mini 3000 Set of otoscope, ophalmoscope, laryngeal mirror & 4 otoscope tips!

Heine mini 3000 diagnostic set has hard case with Mini 3000 ophalmoscope and otoscope.

Includes laryngeal mirror and 4 otoscope tips!

All handles are fitted with batteries (IEC LR 6 AA size). Please order spare bulbs separately. The mini 3000 instruments in these sets can be supplied in black or blue. Please specify the colour you prefer when ordering. If not otherwise specified, we will supply black instruments. 

Set D-854 complete with mini 3000 ophthalmoscope, mini 3000 otoscope, mini 3000 Combilamp, mini 3000 Laryngeal mirror, 1 set = 4 reusable tips, in hard case.

Please note: To convert mini 2000 handles to rechargeable, please order

mini NT charger set for mini 3000 and mini NT adaptor set for mini 2000 together.

230V is the standard mains voltage. If a different voltage is required,

e. g. 120V, please specify when ordering.

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