HEINE mini 3000 F.O.Otoscope set D-851.10.021

HEINE mini 3000 F.O.Otoscope set D-851.10.021
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HEINE mini 3000 otoscope set D-851.10.021, with 3X magnification, XHL technology, reusable and disposable tips and a carrying case.

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The HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope D-851.10.021 is a modern pocket otoscope of small size and in a unique, compact design. It works with 2.5V batteries, it has a viewing window with 3x magnification and an optimized casing surface for razor-sharp images and minimal reflection.

The HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope is cold peripheral fiber optic lighting, with halogen lamp (XHL) technology that produces 100% more light compared with conventional bulbs. It offers homogenous, reflex-free illumination of the ear canal and tympanum.

The HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope has a high-quality handle with a chrome- finish, made of high-quality plastic, shockproof, sturdy and non-slip. It also has an attachment clip with an on / off switch. The otoscope switches off automatically when returned to the pocket. It has also a slot for bulb insufflation.

The set includes:

  • Mini 3000 handle
  • HEINE Mini 3000 Otoscope head F.O.
  • 10 disposable heads (5 heads of 2.5 mm, 5 heads of 4mm)
  • 4 reusable heads
  • Carrying case 
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