HEINE Beta 400/200 otoscope - ophthalmoscope set A-153.10.118

HEINE Beta 400/200 otoscope - ophthalmoscope set A-153.10.118
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HEINE Beta 400/200 otoscope - ophthalmoscope set A-153.10.118, with tips, hard case and a handle of 2.5V batteries.

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The HEINE Beta 400/200 otoscope-ophthalmoscope set A-153.10.118 includes the HEINE Beta 400 otoscope and the HEINE Beta 200 ophthalmoscope. The Beta handle is common to both and operates on 2.5V batteries.

HEINE Beta 400 Otoscope head

The HEINE Beta 400 otoscope head ensures a complete diagnosis as it has 4.2x magnification and multifaceted optics, providing the image of the auditory canal with high sharpness, perfect performance and color brightness. In addition, the 4.2x magnification has more anatomical details for easy recognition of foreign bodies.

The HEINE Beta 400 otoscope head provides a wide range of fields of view so that the auditory canal and tympanic membrane are clear at a glance. It can be easily opened and rotated to return the observation without magnification and easy cleaning of the otoscope head.

HEINE Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope head

The HEINE Beta 200 ophthalmoscope head features a halogen (XHL) lamp with white light and a multi-coating observation lens to avoid scattering of light. It fits perfectly to the eye socket with continuous and ungraded adjustment of light intensity from 100% to 3%.

The ophthalmoscope has 6 diaphragms:

  • Slit
  • Fixation star with polar coordinates
  • Cobalt blue filter
  • Large spot
  • Small spot
  • Hemispot

The HEINE Beta 400/200 Otoscope- Ophthalmoscope set includes:

  • Beta 400 F.O. Otoscope
  • Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope
  • Beta handle of 2.5V alkaline battaries
  • 10 AllSpec disposable tips (2.5mm and 4mm)
  • 4 reusable tips
  • One spare bulb each for XHL version
  • Hard case


Manufacturer Heine
Recommended use Professional
Warranty 2 years
Certification CE CE
Material Metal
Magnification 4.2x
Lighting Fiber Optic
Power Source Battaries 2.5V
Tips Reusable/Disposable
3 kg
Data sheet
Set Contents
Manufacturer reference

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