HEINE NC1 LED Non-Contact Dermatoscope

HEINE NC1 LED Non-Contact Dermatoscope
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NC1 Dermatoscope with Heine's LED illumination for detailed examination, without the need to contact the patient's skin.

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The new HEINE NC1 LED Dermatoscope is truly two instruments in one. HEINE NC1 LED Dermatoscope allows detailed, non-contact examination of the patient in a first screening, without unnecessary skin contact and disinfection.

Should a skin lesion need to be examined more closely, HEINE NC1 LED Dermatoscope includes a contact plate that can be added, transforming the NC1 into a contact Dermatoscope with increased magnification and a scale.

The high quality aspherical optics of HEINE NC1 LED Dermatoscope provides unmatched sharpness and resolution.

In addition LEDHQ illumination offers true and natural colour rendering. The solid aluminium frame combined with HEINE Quality guarantee a long lifespan.

HEINE NC1 LED Dermatoscope includes a magnetic contact plate with 9x magnification that provides high-quality contact images for a more detailed diagnosis.

Availble Handles:

  • Battery Handle: D-008.78.132
  • Battery Handle + Coctact Plate: D-008.78.134
  • Rechargeable Battery Handle: D-008.78.133
  • Rechargeable Battery Handle + Contact Plate: D-008.78.135

Manufacturer: HEINE
Warranty: 5 Years

1 kg
Data sheet
5 years
Manufacturer reference
D-008.78.132, D-008.78.133, D-008.78.134, D-008.78.135