HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope D-001.78.107

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Modern pocket dermatoscope in a compact design with high-quality optics. 10x magnification with focusing optics. Metal threaded connector.

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HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope in a compact design with high-quality optics.

With 10x magnification with focusing optics and a metal threaded connector.

It can only be used with the mini 3000 handle system. It has a large, high-resolution image. It is made from a solid metal construction.

HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope it is durable and tough. With an enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen Technology for more light. Very bright, concentrated white light for perfect illumination.

Attachment clip with integrated on / off switch. Secure. Switches off automatically when returned to the pocket. 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed.

HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope has high-quality handle: Chrome-fi nish upper section / refi ned plastic.

It is shockproof, sturdy, non-slip. Detailed compendium with photographic atlas included.

Simplifies the differential diagnosis of pigmented lesions. It has two pieces. The handle and the head.

It is easy to maintain, flexible.

High-quality handle with chrome-finish upper section /refined plastic.

With replaceable batteries in the AA size.

Rechargeable mini 3000 handle.

The mini 3000 battery handle can be retro-fi tted with the mini rechargeable battery 2.5V NiMH and the bottom insert to update to a rechargeable handle. Fully-automatic charging with the mini NT charger.

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