EpiScope 3.5V dermatoscope

EpiScope 3.5V dermatoscope
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Skin surface microscope 3.5V by Welch Allyn, compatible with any Welch Allyn handle 3,5V.

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Practical microscope that helps detect epidermal pigmented skin lesions such as basal cell carcinoma versus malignant melanoma, through the ability to expand, illuminate and measure.

It contains 10 x magnification and illumination for clear and clarity, a contact plate with grid for easy measuring and monitoring the growth of the lesions, it is suitable with all Welch Allyn 3.5 V handles, it is Halogen, to capture the true color of the fabric. A free reference guide is available for patient information.

Doesn't include handle.

Available Welch Allyn handles 3,5V are thr Welch Allyn Li-Ion handle and the Welch Allyn Nickel-Cadmium handle.

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EpiScope 3.5V DermatoScope

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