DermLite II Pro

DermLite II Pro
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DermLite II Pro sets a series of new benchmarks in portable skin imaging.

STATE-OF-THE-ART DUAL-POLARIZATION DERMATOSCOPE DermLite II Pro sets a series of new benchmarks in portable skin imaging. The DermLite II Pro has a large 25mm lens, button activated dual-polarization control, and a rechargeable battery.
The Most Powerful and Versatile Portable Skin Visualization System.
DermLite II Pro is the most innovative, powerful, and by far most versatile portable dermoscopy tool to date. A groundbreaking, patented cross-polarization system is activated simply by depressing a button providing instant polarization control over lesion visualization. From superficial structures to deeper pigmentation, you see more detail at various depths than ever before. Along with a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and 32 bright-white LEDs (light emitting diodes), the DermLiteII Pro shatters the field.
Retractable Spacer.
Another first in skin imaging, DermLite II Pro gives you the choice between non-contact and contact dermoscopy. Best of all, this innovative device makes it easier than ever to record what you see. You can attach your camera or iphone via the DermLite II PRO's built-in threaded connection (cameras require the use of stepping rings and or adapters). The retractable spacer comes standard with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale. Each unit comes with 3Gen's 5 year warranty, and includes a silicone sleeve with lanyard and battery charger.
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