Dermatoscope HEINE mini 3000 D-001.78.109

Dermatoscope HEINE mini 3000 D-001.78.109
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HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope with a scale lens, Xenon XHL halogen technology for bright focused lighting and 10x magnification.

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ΗEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope has a high-quality resolution with 10x magnification and is made of solid metal, which makes it very durable. The XHL Xenon technology it uses gives a bright, focused, white light that delivers perfect illumination and a clear image.

HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope contains a built-in on/off switch that helps it turn off automatically once placed in the pocket, making it safe and saving energy. It consists of two pieces, the handle and the head, making it flexible and easy to clean.

HEINE mini 3000 dermatoscope is ideal for the immediate and timely diagnosis of malignant melanoma as well as for the examination of non-melanocyte lesions and dermatofibroma. The surface of the skin refracts light and partially reflects it. The test becomes even more effective when you use dermatoscope oil.


  • Made of solid metal
  • Xenon XHL technology
  • On / off switch that switches off as soon as it is placed in the pocket
  • 2-piece frame: handle and head
  • Handle with chrome finish and excellent quality plastic
  • Vibration resistant
  • Battery: AA
  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens: with a scale
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