Zoll E Series defibrillator

Zoll E Series defibrillator
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Zoll E Series defibrillator was designed especially for out of hospital environments place specific demands on medical equipment.

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The E Series defibrillator is built tough! So tough that it has attained an Ingress Protection rating of IP34, and has been shown, throughout emergency services all over the world, to be a reliable partner in the field. A range of roll cage options are also available to increase the ruggedness of your unit.

A tough unit doesn't mean a rough package. The E Series defibrillator also provides state of the art tools including Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR to assist in providing optimal resuscitation efforts.

Real CPR Help provides feedback to the rescuer in one or more of the following forms:

CPR Compressions Indicator
CPR Idle Time Display
CPR Rate Metronome
Voice prompts
Chest Compressions Bar Graph

See-Thru CPR enables the rescuer to see a close approximation of the patient's underlying ECG rhythm while performing CPR, providing minimal interruptions for your patient and allowing you to provide the highest standard of care.

The E Series defibrillator also has a colour tri-mode screen to accommodate different light conditions, combined with a 3 line trace to allow you see multiple parameters at one time. When every second counts, the E Series Cable Management System incorporated into both soft & hard case, provide maximum efficiency in the time to deployment.

The E Series defibrillator gives you the option to use the lighter and longer life Lithium Ion batteries for complete battery inventory management or conventional sealed Lead Acid batteries can be used.

Finally the E Series defibrillator allows for easy 12 lead analysis and transmission. Both 12 lead traces & Vital Signs Trending can easily be sent via email or fax to improve the speed of treatment and outcomes for your patients.

The E Series defibrillator offers clinically superior performance using the ZOLL's Rectilinear Biphasic, waveform, the only waveform to be labelled as clinically superior to monophasic by the FDA and universal operating system, so that users of other ZOLL defibrillators will be familiar to the E Series' operation.

See-Thru CPR and real CPR help to improve the quality of CPR delivered. Tri-mode screen to accommodate all light conditions.

GE Marquette 12SL Adaptive Analysis & Vital Sign Trending transmission through email or fax.

ZOLL's 40ms external transcutaneous pacing.

The Zoll E Series  Pacer, a Masimo SET SpO2, a sun Tech Medical NIBP and a respironics EtCO2 capnography (Sidestream or Mainstream).

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