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FRED easy® is an automated external defibrillator, particularly easy to operate and with relatively harmless use for both the patient and the operator.

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Schiller FRED easy is a battery-powered, automated, external defibrillator that delivers biphasic defibrillation pulses.

The heart can stand still at any time – at work, during shopping, during sport activities, or at home. In Europe, an average of ten persons die from sudden heart death every hour. This means that in places where many people are present – in companies, shopping centers, sports centers, hotels, railway stations, etc. – there is an increased risk that a potential cardiac arrest victim is among them. These lives can only be saved by a timely current impulse from a defibrillator. In case of cardiac arrest, seconds decide over life and death – every minute of delay exponentially decreases the survival chance. In most cases, death will occur within 10 minutes.

The patient is defibrillated via disposable adhesive electrodes (pads) which also acquire the ECG signal for analysis. The operator can choose between adhesive electrodes for children and for adults. The device identifies the connected electrode type and automatically preselects the corresponding energy levels for defibrillation.

SCHILLER’s semi-automatic FRED® easy makes resuscitation even simpler and more efficient. With the unique biphasic MULTIPUSE BIOWAVE® technology, a successful defibrillation only requires about 1/3 of the energy which would be needed using monophasic pulse. This new, gentle resuscitation method increases the chances of survival after prehospital cardiac arrest.

The device prompts the operator by text and audio messages (display/speaker). 

The intervention is documented on a memory card that records the ECG, speech and events. The device is powered by a plug-in, disposable lithium battery.

The battery capacity is sufficient for 180 shocks at maximum energy or 6.5 hours of monitoring (alternately 30 minutes ON and 30 minutes OFF) or 5 years standby operation.

As an alternative, we can supply a rechargeable NiCd battery. When new or fully charged, its capacity is sufficient for 45 shocks at maximum energy or 80 minutes of monitoring

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