Defibrillator electrode pads Saver One

Ηλεκτρόδια απινιδωτών ενηλίκων SaverOne
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Adult electrode pads compatible with SaverOne, SaverOne D, and SaverOne P defibrillators.

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SaverOne defibrillator electrode pads are appropriate for adults and compatible with Saver One, Saver One D, and Saver One P defibrillators. These defibrillator pads are disposable stickers, giving you the ability to install it easily and rapidly.

These defibrillator electrode pads contain a gel that helps you adjust the pads properly on your body, as well as a mechanism of their self-control condition from the central unit. 

  • Compatible defibrillators: SaverOne, SaverOne D & SaverOne P.
  • Use: Adult
  • Shelf-life: 30 months
  • Pre-connected: Yes
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