Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 1000 Redi-Pak adult defibrillation pads

Physio-Control Redi-Pak LIFEPAK 1000 adult electrode pads
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Physio-Control Redi-Pak adult electrode pads for LIFEPAK® 1000 Redi-Pak AED with QUIK-COMBO™ connector

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Physio-Control Redi-Pak adult electrode pads for LIFEPAK® 1000 AED. Redi-Pak QUIK-COMBO™ preconnect system allows electrode pad connection prior to use without breaking the package seal. Saves valuable time at patient arrival. Allows the LIFEPAK® 1000 delibrillation electrode pads to be pre-connected which eliminates time-consuming electrode pad changes and promotes continuity of patient care while in emergency

When it comes to defibrillation electrode pads, efficacy, patient comfort and ease of use are vital to defibrillation/cardioversion and positive patient outcomes. The EDGE System electrode pads with Redi-Pak for LIFEPAK® 1000 by PHYSIO-CONTROL allows customers to receive the best technology available on all counts.

Lead length 42".


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