Uniphy Cryoflow IR cryotherapy

Uniphy Cryoflow IR cryotherapy
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Comfortable cryotherapy device Cryoflow IR manufactured by Uniphy, suitable for treatment using surrounding air with a biofeedback system.

Uniphy Cryoflow IR cryotherapy measures the temperature of the skin and automatically adjusts the airflow in accordance with the selected temperature. The airflow reaches at 1000 liters / minute in 10 steps and the temperature inside the device reaches down to –32ºC.

The Cryoflow IR features an innovative biofeedback system (Infrared technology), where constant temperature on the treated spot is guaranteed. It delivers an efficient thermal shock and offers a guided Therapy System with integrated indication list, diagnostics, objectives etc.

As a cryotherapy device is quite economic as there is no need for gas refills. It allows hands free working which means that the therapist can perform another therapy treatment at the same time.

Uniphy Cryoflow IR cryotherapy has a double-walled,  flexible hose (1.60 m in length) with various different attachable nozzles and a head that can be rotated through 360°. It has a flexible support arm that allows you to work hands free. This leads for a more controlled, precise and effective cryotherapy treatment.

It features intuitive control panel with large LCD screen, with backlight and is certified with CE 0197 for conformity with Directives 93/42/EEC-MPG, MPG class lI a.

It is a user friendly device with unique treatment guide in a variety of languages.

Standard accessories :

Nozzle - 5 mm Cryoflow 1000
Nozzle - 15 mm Cryoflow 1000
Nozzle – 25 mm Cryoflow 1000

Optional accessories : Holding Arm

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 230V ± 10% 50/60Hz, 115V ± 10% 50/60Hz (on request)
Cooling circuit: closed circuit
Coolant: R410A
Maximum power: 100 VA
Maximum airflow : 1000 l / min
Classification : MPG class lI a
CE-mark : CE 0197 for conformity with Directives 93/42/EEC-MPG

90 kg
Data sheet
85 kg
550 mm
1050 mm
365 mm