Gymna Cryotherapy device Kryotur 600

Gymna Cryotherapy device Kryotur 600
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Portable cryotherapy device by Gymna Uniphy. Desktop model for the generation of cold energy by means of thermoelectrical modules (Peltier elements).

Cryotherapy device Kryotur 600 specifications:
  • Selective and controlled cryogenic therapy with cooling heads up to -10°C or cooling cuffs up to +12°C
  • Cooling heads for short-term cryogenic therapy and cryoelectro-combination therapy
  • Cooling cuffs for constant cooling in continuous, intermittent or "biocycle" operation
  • Measuring sensor to be inserted into the skin for temperature control
  • Deep freeze 8mm head up to -35°C with exchangeable top
10 kg