Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy

Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy
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Easy-to-use nasal mask for sleep therapy and ventilation. Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy can be put on and removed with just one hand.

It doesn't get much easier than this. Everything on Weinmann JOYCEeasy is designed for simple usage, like the intuitive handling of the stable nasal mask that can be put on and removed with just one hand. Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy will also motivate you to comply with treatment as its improved fit reduces leaks and pressure points to a minimum.

Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy is also available as a full face mask. You can put on and take off the mask with one hand. Mask cushion is soft and spacious around root of nose. WEINMANN SilkTec coating increases wearing comfort. Nasal mask Weinmann JOYCEeasy features Ball-and-socket joint who lets you move in any direction and headgear clips smoothly click into place.

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Nasal mask

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