Heated Humidifier for CPAP Sandman

Heated Humidifier for CPAP Sandman
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Humidifier water for CPAP or AutoCPAP Sandman Puritan Bennett with 10 adjustment levels of heating!

CPAP Humidifier with water tank to use with the series Sandman CPAP and Auto CPAP, manufactured by Covidien Puritan Bennett.

The water tank is easily removed for cleaning.

Compatible with a wide range of devices Sandman CPAP & BiPAP

The humidifier is heated through the device, CPAP or AutoCPAP.

It has 10 levels of regulation of heating - Digital customization through the device.

It is waterproof and designed to withstand the continuous use.

17 cm
8 cm
8 cm
0.20 kg