Activated carbon filters PM2.5 for cloth face masks (10 pcs)

Activated carbon filters PM2.5 for cloth face masks (10 pcs)
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Activated carbon filters for fabric masks, with 5 protection layers that filter microparticles of 2.5PM size, in a package of 10 pieces

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Activated carbon filters PM2.5 face mask breathing inserts protective mouth of non-woven Meltblown fabric, have 5 layers of protection that prevent the entry of up to 99.88% of bacteria, viruses and dust.

Activated carbon filters PM2.5 face mask breathing inserts through a soft double layer cotton filter, provide additional protection for men and women and you are also provided with a Certificate of Conformity with the filters pack you get.

The 5 layers of activated carbon filters PM2.5 are:

  • 1st layer: anti-stick cloth
  • 2nd layer: filter cloth
  • 3rd layer: activated carbon filter
  • 4th layer: high-efficiency carbon cloth
  • 5th layer: anti-stick cloth

In addition, activated carbon filters PM2.5  are skin-friendly, easy to install, and comfortable to fit, and size 12 x 8 cm (+/- 10%).

You can change the durable replacement activated carbon filters PM2.5  every week in a normal environment but in a more polluted environment, it may be required to be replaced earlier. The package comes with 10 pieces of the filters which will last long.

The price only applies to the replacement activated carbon filters PM2.5 without the fabric mask.

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