Hettich EBA 280 Tabletop Centrifuge

Hettich EBA 280 Tabletop Centrifuge
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The EBA 280, Hettich’s new, high-performance clinical centrifuge, offers versatility, convenience, and safety within a compact, elegant frame.

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The EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge, Hettich’s new, high-performance clinical centrifuge, offers versatility, convenience, and safety within a compact, elegant frame. Though smaller than a standard toaster oven,the EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge maximizes its dimensions to fit 90° swing-out rotors for flat separation. Hettich rotors for theEBA 280 tabletop centrifuge fit all standard blood tubes, pediatric tubes, and KOVA tubes and feature the Hettich Quick-Lift Rotor System for easy installation and added safety.

The EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge is ideal for serology, blood, urinalysis, and pediatric testing. Simplify your workflow with Hettich’s new Quick-Lift rotor and Memory Control System. Quick-Lift allows you to effortlessly install the rotor and manage your samples without tools or physical stress. Instead of loading the samples while the rotor is still in the centrifuge, Quick-Lift enables you to easily remove the rotor and load the samples safely on the benchtop. Additionally, the 1146 rotor is self-standing, decreasing the chance of spillage or other accidents. Once loaded, simply place the rotor onto the motor shaft and the rotor will automatically lock into position for safe centrifugation.

The Memory Control System further enables simplified and secure centrifugation by providing 10 pre-programmable settings for easy recall of application parameters. This feature not only saves time but ensures repeatability and limits programming errors. In accordance with OSHA standards, excessive noise in the laboratory can lead to distractions, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and miscommunication.

With Quiet operation, the EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge is as quiet as a normal conversation. By reducing its noise, the EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge with Quiet operation contributes to a calm, safe and productive work environment and will not increase noise levels within your lab. Advanced safety features of the EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge include its all-metal containment and the Hettich Safety-Lock lid, which ensures a safe, tight closure on the centrifuge chamber during operation.

Additionally, the EBA 280 tabletop centrifuge employs the Hettich Easy-Lift lid that features stay-in-place positioning and lid-drop protection. The lid further limits repetitive stress injuries, spillage, and accidental sample disruption when loading and unloading your centrifuge. Hettich centrifuges adhere to all national and international safety standards and certifications and, as always, are backed by Hettich’s five-year warranty and 24/7 direct support system.

Max. RPM / RCF: 6,000 / 4156
Dimensions: 240 x 326 x 383 mm
Weight: 13 kg
Warranty: 5 years.

13 kg