Bio-Flon IV Catheter with Wings and Injection Port

Bio-Flon catheter
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Bio-Flon IV Catheter with Wings and Injection Port, available in 4 sizes

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Bio-Flon IV Catheter with fins & upper inlet with luer lock cap, designed for day-to-day medical unit needs.

Its triple lance ensures smooth and painless penetration.

Bio-Flon IV Cathete is made of Teflon FEP / Latex Free & has 
transparent centre section for visual control of passing blood. 

It can stay at remain injected for at least 24 hours a day and can easily be covered to prevent injuries.

Bio-Flon IV Cathete has a needle made of Japanese stainless steel (AISI 304) and is sterilized. The Bio-Flon IV Cathete is available on these sizes:

Size G18, colour Green,ID 0,9,OD 1.3, lenght 45mm,flow 80 ml/min
Size G20, colour Pink, ID 0,8 ,OD 1,1,lenght 32mm,flow 54 ml/min
Size G22, colour Blue, ID 0,6 ,OD 0,9,lenght 25mm,flow 33ml/min
Size G24, colour Yellow,ID 0,5,OD 0.7 ,lenght 19mm,flow 20ml/min

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